Bank of Location is a web database which includes interesting locations to rent for film producers, directors, photographers and event organizers. Our service includes photo galleries along with detailed descriptions which enable you to choose the adequate location for your project. The locations range from private houses, apartments to picturesque landscapes to public estates. Through the Bank of Locations it will be possible to find professionals interested in your location and to earn additional money in a creative way.

Our concept is simple – time is money. We realize it works both ways. For the property owner as a way to earn additional income. And for the filmmakers as an effective and efficient way to find the right location to materialize their project.

If your are the property owner or your are the authorized person of an location you may in a convenient way earn extra cash by renting your location to professionals. Our rules is clear and easy, and we do not charge any extra fee from you. Thanks to that by registration with us you have nothing to lose on the contrary a lot to gain.

If you are the film producer, director or photographer you would not have to waist your time on search for your ideal location. Internet accessibility allows you to look trough thousandths possible locations in entire Poland and find the right one for you. Without any financial commitment you may view all the locations. Once you find the property that suits your needs you will have option to purchase the contact information to the property owner. You may choose to use our service in order to save your valuable time and to find a better location.

If you need something special please let us know, we will search this for you.


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